Spring might seem far away right now, but the best laid gardens are planted months in advance. We’ve just been through an incredibly warm summer, so now is the best time to plant those spring blooms as the soil is still retaining some summer warmth. 
Colour and vibrancy can bring a fresh start to the spring season into gardens of any shape and size by bedding bulbs in pots or along your borders. The practice of cooking up what’s known as a ‘bulb lasagne’ creates dense and eye catching spring displays full of drama and variety. But what is a bulb lasagne? It’s two or three layers of bulbs planted on top of one another. 
Richards's top tips for a Bulb Lasagne: 
1) Make sure you use a wide brimmed pot for maximum effect. 
2) Most spring bulbs like a lot of drainage so mixing grit or perlite will keep them happy and stop the bottom layers rotting. 
3) Think carefully about placement, don’t overcrowd your bulbs. I tend to leave at least two inches between them. If in doubt, only make two layers.  
An important thing to consider is the feed you use to keep your bulbs safe over the cold winter months. Loam based compost will offer good drainage and can be combined with a peat-free feed such as bulb fibre or leaf mould. A high phosphorous feed is best, and if you need help finding the right one for you, then just ask one of our expert staff. 
When choosing your bulbs, think about colour combinations. Yellow daffodils and lilac crocuses create a feminine delicate display, wine coloured tulips and white grape hyacinths to display effortless elegance, or you could go for a bright and bold statement with orange fringe tulips, purple alliums in a bed of multicoloured pansies. 
Jayne’s favourite spring bulbs: 
Tulips really should be a priority when it comes to planning your spring garden; cheerful, delicate, and available in an array of bold and enriching colours makes them an easy way to bring vitality into your outdoor space. Plant between late October to early December to avoid frost damage to the roots. 
As tough and hardy as they are beautiful, alliums can create drama in borders during late spring and early summer. Their distinctive rounded shape and bold colour make them a Chelsea Flower Show favourite, and they’ll make a great addition to your garden too. They need a sunny spot in your garden and are best planted before mid-October – so act quickly to ensure a stunning allium bloom. 
These flowers are very popular, probably because they are a crowd-pleaser and are easy to cultivate. They can be prepared anytime between September to December and will bloom between March and April. For trendsetters, this is your flower for 2023. 
A bulb you may not have considered for your plot. Garlic makes for lovely blooms in spring which you can also pop on your salads as they taste as beautiful as they look. Best planted in late autumn or early winter, you can bring some diversity to your garden if you plant before deep winter strikes. 
All these bulbs and more are available in store, and we also stock a wonderful selection of handmade terracotta pots and tulip pots which are perfect for displaying your spring flowers. 
Come in and meet Jayne or Richard, who will share their gardening expertise. 
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